Welcome to Red-Tails on the Fire Escape

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

— Mary Oliver


My name is Louise Miller. I am a novelist and amateur naturalist who lives in Boston, MA.

If I have one hope for myself, it’s to live by the instructions poet Mary Oliver left for us in her poem Sometimes. My favorite thing to pay attention to, the thing that brings me the most joy, and the deepest feeling of connection, is nature. As much as I love to visit the ocean and the farmlands and the woodlands all around New England, i’ve found that I don’t have to leave city limits to connect with the natural world—there are marvels all around us, from great horned owlets nesting in the Arnold Arboretum to Harry White Oldfield asters growing on the edges of parking lots. I’d love to tell you about what astonishes me on my walks around Boston, and what I learn along the way. Subscribe if you would like my discoveries to land in your inbox. And please share Red-Tails on the Fire Escape with your nature-loving friends!

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